Smart Move


The book for all bicycle enthusiasts

Smart Move presents us with the photographer Bernhard Angerer’s iconic mise-en-scène of 50 bicycles from the Embacher Collection: racing bikes with particularly subtle details; folding bikes with strikingly clever mechanisms or others that were quite spectacular failures; lovingly designed touring bikes (even if they are more satisfying to look at when parked than in use); track bicycles without brakes, reduced to pure speed; bikes that even at the best attempts defy categorization―hardly any matches the popular image of a normal bicycle.

Articles by Konrad Paul Liessmann, Dagmar Moser, Peter Noever, Kurt Palm, Martin Strubreiter and Michael Zappe describe the archetypal experience of riding a bike and show that bicycles do not only imply design and mechanics but are also loaded with emotions and memories. We read about the first time, about learning and ability, about pushing oneself to the limits and succeeding, about relish for cooperation, and about the stretches of landscapes we can become acquainted with.